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Glomchip (GMCP) hits record high at close of business day. As the United Collective has now contacted with China. Over 1 billion units to be installed in next 90 days.
Your $ensaiVault not only helps you maintain your accounts online, but it also interacts with every device you give it access to. Want a reminder where you parked the car? $ensiVault can direct you to it, start the car and turn on climate control. $ensiVault can be your personal valet, parking your car, or your limo driver, taking you home while you focus on other things.

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glomchip - wrist artificial intelligence wireless
We've found that some of our customers want access to their secure information, but prefer not wearing our Ocular Advanced Reactive Sensor units. To that end we structured a wrist device that goes far beyond it's ancestors, the so-called "smart watches."

glomchip WAI-FI (Wristwatch Artificial Intelligence - FI) is a casual device in many configurable handsome and attractive styles to not only be a great access terminal, but a conversation piece. Now that's a smart watch!

With finger reactive swipes, illuminated reactive panels that emit from the sides, you have the ability to do almost everything that the ocular lens does. And because of your multidevice glomchip, it all interacts in a seemlessly with no lag.
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Bluetooth, WiFi or Hotspot with glomchip gateway
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