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glomchip is the leading personal security protection, worldwide. Our devices are travel compliant as well. Accepted at every border and immigration station worldwide, glomchip Global Entry has established technology for the world and it's citizens to travel safely, with proper and valid documentation of who they are and what relevant information, like medications, they travel with. Border Agents once asked for these, creating delays, but now it is available the moment you enter their lane. No more digging for your booklet or plastic card passport. Each time you pass through a Global Gateway your glomchip just doesn't introduce you, but facial recognition confirms that someone else is not trying to use your personal information to illegally enter a country. It's safer for you, and for nations around the world.
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Worried about your information being confusing on your glomchip by other countries? There's no need to. glomchip's information is immediately translated into ANY language in the world, based on the native language being used on the system acquiring the information. It's a bit more complicated than it sounds, but for you, it's just a quick and easy process.
glomchip Global Entry
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glomchip secures 2nd Amendment for Lawful Americans with the newly adopted glomGun. With a polymer frame, stainless slide and glomchip trigger mechanism, only the owner authorized persons with glomchip can activate the weapon.
A recent survey by the NPA (National Product Association) found that glomchip's products were the best quality in the world.

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RFID, QR and other outdated modes of ID are for products, not people. glomchip is all about you, and 100% guaranteed secure.
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