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This is where your identity meets the road, and you are in the driver's seat. This package incorporates both the Personal Package and Digital Package, but then takes it to a level of total security and peace of mind, along with futuristic elegance. The Executive Bundle is what most countries have purchased for their government employees, from Prime Ministers, Presidents, all the way to data control clerks. Information at every level deserves to be secure. You not only control personal accounts, like banking through $ensaiVault, and all the glomchip devices you engage into your network, but your work devices, information, expense accounts and perks of the job are all connected. Of course, with those items you need to maintan your employment as some of the information is proprietory to your employer.

Does your child need to go to the hospital because of a spill on their bicycle? Your glomchip insurance makes that seemless. The plan number and information is already sent securely before the ambulance arrives. It's paired with EMS reports, patient lifetime health history during the ride and transmitted securely before the doors of the amubulance open at the hospital. You can also use your personal identifier to separate all purchases that are work related so your taxation is precise and entered into either your work account or personal business account, making bookkeeping become glomchip keeping.
Dr. Vikas Dwivedi said,
"As lead consultant appointed by the President to ensure security among individual National Security Agencies, while maintaining fluid sharing of information on a strict time-based basis, I recommended the current Glomchip Global employee and information portals program as not only the most secure for sensitive data, but also the identities of our staff who work with that information. If it's good enough for the US Government, it will meet the needs of anyone else."
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