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Your digital media must be concerning to you. You send a photo, an email, social media message, or maybe even a spreadsheet, but you're concerned about the person on the other end being as responsbile with the content as you are. We at glomchip understand that. But remember, any information that originated from you is yours, forever. If you rethink the moment and don't want the information around for sharing to others, or simply have regrets sending it, you can delete it and scrub it away even down to the metadata. This is because the information is on your device, not a server somewhere. You will get notified when the sent item is received on the other end, decrypted (or attempts have been made to decrypt it) and what time, and if it was viewed. Nonetheless, just one keystroke and a finger swipe and you get a "redo." Now that's control!
Want even more? Every phone call you make that is accepted by the other side becomes totally encrypted transmissions. Since your connection to the wireless broker of your choice is also encrypted via glomchip Global's Division, compatibility and throughput are instanteous. Any trace of your call or texts would be buried in security taking decades by top encryptologists to decode it. Your Interweb travels leave virtually no footprint. And your social media is so controlled, you can even decide what items you allow people on your contacts list to see. Keep that insane photo out of the hands of your parents, and theirs, thanks to glomchip, out of yours.
"Citizens with glomchip have never had a false or hacked tax return entered in their name and security number, ever!
Anaridis Rodriguez
US Tax Authority
At What Cost?
Since glomchip has been the leader in AI technology for nearly 30 years, much of our product line has already been utilized by government agencies, national security programs and military commands around the world. This means it is ever evolving, always the best, and because it develops as part of government budgets, you buy only the product, and pay nothing for the already completed expensive research and development.
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