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Call your glomchip representative for more information about glomchip Gen 5. It can be implanted in the privacy of your home or office, has been proven safe for humans, and it is very affordable. In fact, the first credit card scam, banking theft, cyber theft or simple lost wallet will see glomchip pay for itself, as you never have to worry about where any of that information is. glomchip Global will either secure those items within 4 hours of your report of loss, or, you will have new items with all of your information and accounts already installed. What happens in the mean time, you ask? You control everything because access still relies on you and the level of security you have selected to accompany your glomchip. This ground floor level of security is by no means watered down. At this level you have access to entry of home, vehicle, office, elevators at work, even something as simple as paying for lunch in a hurry. You're balances are always available, and with the optional glomchip Wrist AI, you can check all of it with a tap and a few finger swipes. It's incredible! We know it.
"I feel safe no matter where I go. As a Agent for a highly secure agency, these devices prepare me to meet any threat."

Agent X
"After being mugged, I knew I had to have glomchip, since it was their streetcam that had video of the culprit. It was so clear the man had no choice to plead his guilt. He should have gotten a worse punishment, but I got glomchip. Never again the victim."

Amy B. Hollinbach
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