glomchip hasn't just bridged the gap between you and your control over how your personal information is used, it has put you in total control of when it is accessed and by whom.

Tired of the swipe card, insert cart, wave your card, use your mobile device and enter your pin number style of payment and banking? Do you find it exhaustive to enter a bank account routing and account number, date of expiration and the magic code on the back of the card? Have you been a victim to scanners, RFID theft, lost or stolen cards and devices? Are you simply just tired of having to carry all of that with you everywhere you go, even if it's just to the local grocer and back home?
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glomchip has taken all of that information and made it available to you, by ONLY you, in one simple, small as a grain of rice biomchip. Shielded from theft, placed just under the skin, the technology is proven not only to keep your personal information secure and in one place, but it's eliminated the worry that you left your card, wallet or important documents where they could bring you loss, or worse, harm.
glomchip (GMChP) hits record high at close of business day, as the United Collective has now contracted with China. Over 1 billion units to be activated in next 90 days.
glomchip Highway Passage
has just been approved by the U.S. Transportation Authority for paying tolls across the entire country! No longer requiring large, plastic vision impairing devices affixed to your windscreen, you merely keep driving at the posted speed (or your car drives for you) and you continue on without delay, backups or potential for accidents.

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